"Triggers" Book Writeup

May 26, 2017

Changing habits is hard. Stopping smoking, losing weight and changing a career are examples of changes you have full agency to make. They don’t require the permission of others and the impacts of the change are constrained to you, the changer. Yet few people achieve lasting success with changes they have full agency over.

Now add the element of other people. We are social creatures so interdependant on each other that there is little we can change without impacting those around us: our family, our friends, our colleagues, our neighbors. We often don’t have full autonomy to make a desired change and may require consent or at the very least co-operation when our changes have a consequence for someone else.

In this book you’ll learn what really makes change so hard, how environments can derail our best intentions and why, when we are able to make a change, it is fleeting and impermanent.

Hint: it’s all about “Triggers”!

You’ll learn how to identify your triggers and how to break the habit loop that’s hardwired in all of us. By introducing a small pause and choice between the trigger and your response you can take back control.

You’ll gain appreciation for “environments”. How hostile and fluid they really are. That they’re more than just the space you’re in and that the people around us are an impactful but often overlooked part of our environment. Environments are wild beasts but we can anticipate, avoid and adjust them so we remain steadfast on our goals.

Most importantly you’ll learn how to be your own coach. Whether habits should be eliminated, created, preserved or just accepted. You’ll also learn how to use the incredible technique of daily active questions to hold yourself accountable.

As with any book of this nature, you’ll get the most out of it when you put it into practice. So before you open the first page, decide that you want to make a change. It doesn’t have to be profound or turn you into someone your mother wouldn’t recognize; it just has to be a change you are committed to. No one can make us change. It can’t be coerced or manipulated.

Change only truly happens when we have an internal desire to become better.

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