No Excuse

Series: leadership March 23, 2017

Doing something every day is hard. Even if it’s little.

I know. I’m trying to write every day.

It’s just 50 words but it’s still hard. Sometimes I’m tired and don’t feel like doing it. Sometimes my laptop doesn’t have a charge and I have to do it on my phone. Sometimes I have nothing to write about.

But it’s just 50 words.

That’s only a few minutes of typing and there are no limits on the topic. So I have no excuse.

Showing up to lead each and every day is hard.

How do you make sure you have the energy, attitude and empathy?

Are there little things you can do each and every day to bring your leadership?

Maybe it’s saying good morning to your team. Or making sure you express your appreciation for someone. Or maybe it’s bringing a characteristic enthusiasm to a daily meeting or lunch.

It’s hard but it’s just a little thing. You have no excuse.

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