Hi. I’m Neil Bourgeois.

I love to solve hard problems. The hardest problems are plagued with uncertainty, risk and complexity. Solutions to these types of problems require that people work together towards a common vision. Usually they involve some degree of technology but they almost always require people to change.

This intersection of problem, people and technology is where I’m at my best.

I live and work in Edmonton, Canada. I went to school at The University of Alberta (COMPE ’02). I lead teams, craft solutions and I’m happiest when I’m coding.

I’m a relentless self-developer and pursue mastery of my craft. While I spend a great deal of my time working with people I also usually have some kind of side-project I’m hacking on. I love the techincal aspect of Software Engineering but approach problems with a people-first perspective and believe that sometimes the simplest (but not easiest!) solution is to change hearts and minds.

Let’s talk.

You can reach me at neilb@gravityfree.ca or @neilb14.

This blog is open source - spelling/grammar corrections are always welcome (and much appreciated) via Pull Requests.

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